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EDAX Releases New Lambda WDS Product Line

mercredi, avril 29, 2020

MAHWAH, NJ (April 29, 2020) – EDAX, Inc., a leader in X-ray microanalysis and electron diffraction instrumentation, has announced the new Wavelength Dispersive Spectrometry (WDS) series – Lambda. This innovative product series offers a proprietary X-ray optical module that extends the WDS operational energy range, improves energy resolution, and significantly enhances the signal to reach lower detection limits. This revolutionary series expands the WDS application space and enhances EDAX’s historic leadership in high-performance compositional analysis.

“The innovative Lambda series is a powerful addition to the EDAX microanalysis product portfolio,” said EDAX EDS/WDS Product Manager, Dr. Oleg Lourie. “The Lambda’s hybrid X-ray optics boost the spectrometer’s sensitivity in low energies and conveniently extends the measured energy limit beyond 15 keV.”

This novel WDS spectrometer utilizes a patent-pending, combined hyperbolic-parabolic HCO optical design with a polycapillary transmitter to optimize X-ray optics across a wide energy range. It is supplied with a complete and fully customized set of diffractors. Lambda spectrometers maintain a compact geometry and lightweight design to minimize the installation footprint. They do not require a dedicated WDS port and, having a compact geometry, they are compatible with additional detectors installed on the same SEM. The spectrometers are fully integrated with Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy and Electron Backscatter Diffraction detectors using the same software interface to provide a complete analytical solution. The new WDS product platform features the Lambda Plus and Lambda Super WDS spectrometers, covering up to 10 keV and beyond 15 keV energy ranges, respectively.

The superior optics design produces a higher signal at lower electron beam energies when compared to conventional WDS systems. In return, this increases the probing spatial resolution for ultimately higher detection limits in compositional analysis and alleviates multiple undesirable effects induced by the high acceleration voltage e-beam, such as sample surface charging. Based on the sealed gas counter detector design, Lambda spectrometers are fully compatible with high vacuum applications that are especially important for SEMs with FEG emitters. The sealed gas detector design and extended energy range opens additional application domains for Lambda products, such as in-situ and environmental WDS measurements.

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Since 1962, EDAX has used its knowledge and experience to develop ultra-sensitive silicon radiation sensors, digital electronics, and specialized application software that facilitate solutions to research, development, and industrial requirements.

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